Siding Replacement Hoffman Estate IL

When it comes to your home updates and upgrades, you have a lot of choices. G mart Inc. understands that windows, siding, doors, and roofing are an investment and we want you to feel that our work enhanced your home. Here are four reasons you should have G mart Inc. quote your next home project.

Types of Siding and Replacement

Replacing and fixing outdated siding can drastically improve the curb appeal of a home, an upgrade that should come as no surprise. After all, siding repairs have consistently been one of the most reliable home improvements for a solid return on investment year after year.
Overtime, even mid-range vinyl siding replacement can offer a return on initial investment of up to 81.6%. At the same time, old, worn siding can be quite the eye sore, leading to a potential 10% loss in a home’s value. In other words, you really shouldn’t put siding repairs off.
But before you hop on your ladder, it’s important to realize how difficult an exterior home project of this magnitude can be for someone who’s inexperienced. Between removing the old siding, gathering all of the correct materials, and of course performing the manual labour, there is much that could go wrong. Here are just a few reasons you should hire siding contractors rather than do the project yourself:

  • Safety: Besides just using heavy duty power tools, most siding jobs will require you to climb high on a ladder to fix hard those reach places. This mix of heavy instruments and gravity is not exactly conducive to your safety. Professionals on the other hand, have not only done these jobs enough to know what not to do, but they will have high quality, expensive safety equipment.

  • Quality: This is obviously the big advantage. This is not at all to insult your handiwork, but the majority of people have at most a fraction of the experience with these types of projects as professionals. If installed and maintained properly, most types of vinyl siding can last for an average of 40 years. You may be a skilled handy man, but can you be sure your work will last half a life time?

  • Longer time frame: More often than not, a construction company will send teams of workers to perform jobs, such as siding repairs and replacement. You may be lucky enough to find a friend or two willing to help you re-side your home, but even so, you likely won’t be able to match up to the speed of an entire team of contractors. Not to mention the fact that they have likely done this type of job many times before, and typically have an effective plan of action.

  • Also, some people may find it therapeutic to work on home projects on the weekend, you could end up spending weeks trying to complete an entire siding replacement. Even with consistently nice weather, you can probably say goodbye to your weekends for the next month or two.

You shouldn’t have to throw away your weekends or put your self at risk to improve the value of your home. G Mart Inc. will be more than willing to take care of those siding repairs for you in a quick and efficient fashion.To find out more about sidingreplacement, please contact G mart Inc. at Hoffman Estate.